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Testimonials for AIT

From the parent of an autistic child:

“(My child) is verbalizing much more. He is using more multi-word phrases and doesn’t tune out as much to his environment. His overall participation in the day has increased-he is more willing to do motor activities. We feel this program has been very beneficial.”

From the parent of middle school-age child with hypersensitivity to sound:

“My son remains focused and attentive to whatever task or activity he’s engaged in. He continues to excel in school. He remains a poor speller and dislikes reading for pleasure, however, he is not all frustrated by his inability to spell, and continues to make straight “A’s”. He plays on the school volleyball and basketball team, and we are just starting baseball. Life is Great! Thank you for AIT; it transformed my child.”

From a professional woman treated for Auditory Processing Disorder:

“I feel more able to center myself and go to the core of the conversation and stay there. I pick up issues more easily as they pertain to my patients. I am less bothered by the chaos at work. This is a big change taking back my life.”

From the mother of a teenage boy:

“At the time of AIT therapy, my son was taking large doses of several medication including Risperdal, Zoloft, Tenex, and Adderall. Thanks to your therapy, he no longer takes any of them.

“It is hard to find the words to adequately describe the change in my son. He has been able to make and keep good friends and continues to blossom remarkably. I have referred a number of my friends and clients to you after describing to them my son’s remarkable progress. I truly appreciate all you have done for him.”

From the mother of a child with developmental delays:

“My daughter has benefited greatly for AIT. She started kindergarten in August, and has been highly successful. The therapists that work with her say that they have a hard time believing she was ever delayed. I credit AIT for the changes and her great success in kindergarten.”

From an adult patient treated for hypersensitivity to sound:

“The calmness is noticeable; when I listen to silence it no longer roars. I don’t feel hard of hearing anymore. I can listen to loud music and not be irritated! I hear more of the music-such as the alto part of the hymns at church.”