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Cai Buck

Cai was born and raised in Albuquerque. She and her husband have one amazing son and 3 crazy pups. They love to read, travel, take walks and do puzzles. When she was very young, she had numerous ear infections that eventually resulted in hearing loss. Her parents discovered this at the age of 2 (or 3) years old after she kept asking "What?" incessantly. Her mom amazingly took it upon herself to find out everything she could to help Cai catch up with her articulation skills. She loved the "games" they played. In high school Cai decided that she wanted to give other children the best opportunity to communicate everything within their hearts like her mom did for her.

She joined Laurie Ross Brennan & Associates in the summer of 2013 after working for Rio Rancho Public Schools at Shining Stars Preschool for 3 years. She received my Master's degree from the University of New Mexico in 2010.

She specialize in working with children who have a variety of speech and language delays or disorders, including those who have difficulties with articulation, phonology, oral motor planning, receptive and expressive language, language processing, memory, attention, and cognition.