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Auditory Integration Training

What is Auditory Integration Training?

Auditory Integration Training, or "AIT" for short, is a non-drug, noninvasive therapy which strengthens and balances the auditory system and makes the synapses of the brain stronger. This two-week treatment enables a person to sift through the noise and focus on the task at hand for better concentration, enhanced learning and often much better behavior. 

WHO is AIT for?

  • Adults who want a competitive edge
  • Mature individuals who want to protect their hearing
  • Students who want to increase their focus
  • People who have learning disabilities
  • People with ADD, AD/HD
  • People with autism

Auditory Integration Training Benefits

  • Autism and developmental delays
  • ADD, AD/HD
  • Learning disabilities, dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, language impairment
  • Depression
  • A competitive focus
  • Mature individuals who want to enhance and protect their hearing levels


AIT treatment



How AIT works

Technical Details

Sound processing only starts with the ears. Whether your hearing is poor, good or normal, it is important to understand that the brain is also an integral part of the auditory system. AIT was designed to normalize the auditory system and change how the brain processes and organizes sounds so they make more sense. The AIT technique was pioneered in France by Dr. Guy Berard, a practicing otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat physician). Although he originally designed the program to treat hearing loss, Dr. Berard has found through his more than 50 years of clinical practice and study that hearing distortion also contributes to many behavioral and learning disorders. He has successfully used AIT to treat patients with attentiong deficit/hyperactive disorder (AD/HD), autism, dyslexia, hyperactivity, various learning disabilities, language impairments, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), auditory processing disorders, and depression. AIT can often help these types of conditions since they are often associated with hearing that is disorganized, erratic, asymmetrical, hypersensitive or otherwise abnormal, which, when untreated can lead to over-stimulation, disorientation or agitated behavior. Locally, AIT is administered under the direction of Laurie Ross-Brennan, a certified Speech and Language Pathologist and the only Auditory Integration Training Practitioner in New Mexico. She is certified in both the Berard method (originated in France) and the American version of the AIT program.

Treatment at Laurie Ross-Brennan and Associates

 Treatment consists of a total of 10 hours administered in two ½ hour sessions per day for two weeks. During this time, patients listen through earphones to music that is programmed through a specialized electronic device. These sounds stimulate the brain by exposing the auditory system to the modulation, removal and re-introduction of every sound frequency from 125 hz-20,000 hz which gradually increases the range of frequencies that a hypersensitive person can comfortably tolerate. After treatment, a person who was previously affected by certain sound frequencies is able to filter out distracting noise and focus on what’s important.