Meet Our Staff

Laurie Ross Brennan


Laurie Ross-Brennan is the founder and President of Laurie Ross Brennan & Associates which opened its doors in 1981.

Laurie Ross-Brennan graduated from the University of New Mexico with distinction with a Bachelor of Arts in May, 1980. While completing course work in Speech and Language Pathology, she became an interpreter for Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons. She furthered her academic training by obtaining a Master’s of Science degree from the University of New Mexico in December, 1981. She became a Speech & Language Pathologist, certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in 1981. 

Esther Babej

 Esther Babej graduated with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at University of New Mexico. She moved to New Mexico after earning a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington. She decided it was time to swap the raincoat for a parasol. Esther has a passion for working with diverse populations as her clinical and personal experience has lead her to serve those in various settings, countries and cultures. Her experience has allowed her to work with clients ranging in age from 1 to 99 years old. 

Natalie Brooks

Natalie received her Bachelor of Arts in Communicative Disorders from Eastern New Mexico University and a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of New Mexico. She joined the staff of Laurie Ross-Brennan in August 2015, where she enjoys focusing her practice on teens and adults with development and acquired disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. Natalie’s philosophy as a speech-language pathologist is that: First, care should always be provided on a holistic level, because for every emotional and physical characteristic manifested there are many more to be exposed; secondly, no matter the relationship, affiliation or situation among us we each bring distinct qualities to the table and have equal measures to learn from one other; lastly, and most importantly, humor is our most underappreciated and underutilized commodity and is appropriate in most every situation. 

Linda Byrne

Linda is a native of Albuquerque.  She received her bachelors degree in speech and hearing sciences as well as her masters of science in Speech Language Pathology from the University of New Mexico. She holds a certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association as well as licensed in the state of New Mexico.   Linda loves working with children of all ages and all diagnosis and feels humor and family involvement are integral to therapy success.  When she is not playing with children she is in the garden.   

Lisa Coriz

Lisa Coriz was born and raised in New Mexico. She attended Moriarty high school. She has a vast experience working with adults and children of all ages. She has worked at Laurie Ross Brennan and associates since June 2001. She is a certified auditory integration training technician and is in charge of the entire front desk and scheduling. Basically she keeps the entire agency running smoothly. 

Quinn Cutsforth

Quinn received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications Disorders from the University of Northern Colorado and her Master of Science in Speech Pathology from the University of New Mexico. Quinn holds a certificate of Clinical Competency and is licensed with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Quinn is licensed to practice in New Mexico.Quinn has been a full-time employee of Laurie Ross-Brennan and Associates since August 2004. She has experience with geriatrics, adults, and pediatrics and has work with early intervention from birth to three. 

Beth Dwyer

Beth graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Master of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 1999. Before she became an SLP, Beth worked as a registered nurse for fifteen years, earning the degree of Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 1985. She specialized in the area of neuroscience nursing.Beth has been working with LRB and associates since 2001, serving clients from preschool through 72 years of age.  She is also a Hanen Certified SLP.Beth’s enjoys working with a broad range of clients and client challenges/diagnoses, but specifically enjoys working with clients who have autism, traumatic brain injuries, developmental learning issues, and swallowing disorders.When she isn’t working, Beth is an avid gardener and enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with friends and family. 

Nancy Hilton

Nancy Hilton is one of our amazing SLP's.  She has been a part of the team since 2013.  When Nancy isn't treating her patients, she's spending time with her amazing family. 

Hannah Hughes

Hannah attended the University of New Mexico for both her Bachelor’s and her Master’s degrees. While in college, she spent three summers as a camp counselor working with children and adolescents with learning and social differences. During her time as a camp counselor, Hannah developed a desire to support people experiencing communication difficulties. Hannah has worked with clients from ages 2 to 92. Her specific areas of interest include autism spectrum disorders, articulation disorders, and cognitive rehabilitation after stroke or brain injury. 

Julia Jarrard

Julia A. Jarrard M.S. CF-SLP  received her master’s degree from the University of New Mexico in Speech and Hearing Sciences and has been a member of  Laurie Ross-Brennan and Associates since 2012. She has worked with the autism population for years in numerous capacities and the ASD population continues to be a main focus for her specialty as a Speech Language Pathologist.  Her interests also include working with the pediatric population for the advancement and development of speech and language skills.   Julia interned and is currently contracting with Autism Communication Consultants serving children on the spectrum. Her volunteer work includes Camp Rising Sun and Muthu Barry’s Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp and Agora Crisis Center.   

Cheyenne LaRance

Cheyenne is a bit of a jack of all trades professionally speaking: retail, customer service, file clerk, receptionist, veterinary technician, and (one of her most humbling and proudest of accomplishments) U.S. Coast Guard. However, shortly after her move to Albuquerque in ’09 from Flagstaff, Arizona she entered the medical field, as an insurance specialist, and didn’t looked back. She enjoys a good challenge, so working with insurance companies day in and day out is more than satisfying in this regard. She also enjoys hiking which is why she currently reside in the beautiful East Mountains. She loves how Albuquerque blends desert, mountains, forest, and river valley all into one; there’s even a volcano! The variety ensures it has something for everyone and she loves her New Mexico home more and more with each passing year. 

Gail Press

Gail is originally from California, where she completed her B.A. in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at San Diego State University and her M.S. in Communicative Disorders at California State University, Northridge. She enjoys working with diverse populations, including children with speech and language disorders, adults with developmental disabilities, and adults with acquired neurological disabilities. Her specific areas of interest include language disorders, cognitive disorders, and increasing communication skills for non-verbal individuals. 

Mitch Quandt

Mitch holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of New Mexico. After two years working for Albuquerque Public Schools, Mitch joined Laurie Ross-Brennan and Associates in 2002. Mitch’s focus is assisting nonverbal people and people with limited vocabulary express their wants and needs. 

Lisa Ackley

 Lisa Ackley has over twenty years of experience in the field of business management. Her vast experience as an office manager, marketing specialist, online public relations manager and HR specialist makes our team balanced and efficient. When Lisa isn't at the office she is spending time with her family. She has a passion for working with the people in our community to make it a better place.  

Sylvia Sarmiento

Sylvia holds an M.S. from the University of New Mexico Speech & Hearing Sciences program. She has thoroughly enjoyed working in the public schools serving at the elementary level since 1998, serving both public and private preschools since 2003, and working with Laurie Ross-Brennan and Associates since 2002. Sylvia had the great opportunity to work with the Autism Resource Team for the Albuquerque Schools to support professionals that taught students with autism and a member of a multidisciplinary diagnostic team for an educational eligibility of Autism. She has recently begun work related to autism at the Center for Development and Disability at the University of New Mexico. 

Demarre Sanchez

Demarre is a cool SLP!  When she isn't caring for her patients, she is spending time with her beloved dogs! 

Mary Powell

Mary Powell graduated with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Central Missouri. Mary holds the Certificate of Clinical Competency with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She has extensive experience working in schools, nursing homes, and telepractice with clients of all ages. She joined LRBA in 2017, and is at our Santa Fe office.  Mary moved to Santa Fe in 1996 from her hometown Kansas City, MO. She enjoys hiking, movies, reading, and  watching Kansas City Royals baseball.  

Courtney Long

 Courtney Long, an outgoing and creative Speech Pathologist and Feeding Therapist, obtained her M.Ed. from North Carolina Central University in 2012. She has dedicated herself to working with a variety of clientele, infant through geriatric, with communication and swallowing impairments. Although Courtney enjoys working with all populations, she has specific training and experience with infant and pediatric feeding disorders. Her most recent training endeavors have included the Star Institute’s S.O.S. Approach to Feeding and Passy Muir’s Assessment and Treatment Tools for Pediatric Tracheostomy. Courtney is in the process of obtaining her hours and requirements for board certification (BCS-S) in swallowing disorders and continues to pursue intensive continuing education for, and conduct research in, her specific areas of passion. In addition to feeding/swallowing therapy throughout the lifespan, Courtney greatly enjoys cognitive-linguistic therapy, augmentative/alternative communication and voice therapy. In her free time, she can be found diving into just about any outdoor adventure, practicing yoga or spending quality time with her husband. 

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